{19-Jan) The Wronged Princess – book i

Epilogue II

Prince gazed lovingly at his new bride while she laughed affectionately at Esmeralda and Pricilla. Her velvety brown eyes were full of mischief and happiness. The change in her was nothing short of miraculous, he thought, shaking his head in disbelief, though curious in slipping a lump of sugar in her pocket. But they had the rest of their lives for answers.

How marriage plans with Lady Esmeralda had gotten as far as they had, could only be described as astonishing. Trying the slipper on every maiden in the countryside had not been one of his better ideas, he conceded. In retrospect, however, he’d not only gained a warm and loving wife, but an exceptional Land Manager in Lady Pricilla with her pragmatic manner and skills. Her dry wit worked wonders in handling the diverse and multifarious tenants throughout Chalmers. Who could have known?

The havoc she wreaked over Arnald was just added benefit.

Lady Esmeralda proved a brilliant accountant, invaluable with her mathematics wizardry. Not to mention her weather changing abilities, should the need ever arise. A snort of laughter escaped him, drawing all three sisters, Arnald’s, and Alessandro de Lecce’s quick attention. Prince smothered his laugh behind a quick cough and offered a small apology.

In his travels and single-minded way, it had never occurred to him the glass slipper could or would fit someone other than his “mysterious princess.” He made a mental point to take the time think to through solutions more thoroughly in the future. The idea was preposterous that a shoe should only be made to measure one person in an entire kingdom.

After all, it was not like some transcendental fairy godmother had swooped in to swing her magic wand to make the shoe fit only one foot!


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